Xap! - morbid destruction for everyone!

good'ol arcade times are back NOW - and brain has been added...

Ever wanted to turn your Rotax QuadrupelTM hardcore plasma gatling against rotten flesh? Now it`s time...

Dakota, 1996. Graves open. Zombies arise. Children cry in fear. Now its on you: Draw them back to their graves, as fast as they came up. All you need is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4, as it can be obtained here at suns java download-site.

YEAH, get it on! (Heavy destruction is MY habit)

Instructions are included ingame. Just watch the intro.

If you're deadly, you soon sign up in the hall of fame.

For developers interests: sourcepackage here. (highscore encryption removed.)
~dedicated to Caspian Rychlik-Prince~