Günther Palm - The quantum

A quantum flies along the lane
in search of Mr. von Korff's brain,
since there inside the cortex tissue
a certain molecule's at issue:
"Do I want bacon, ham or cheese?"
The quantum speaks with boasting lust:
"You think you want, in fact you must.
That freedom you will never gain,
it's me who's free, your will's in vain".
Electron 9 begs "Jump on me!";
The quantum wavers leisurely.
Electron 8 is not a frump;
so she gets the acausal jump.
Just whereupon spontaneously
von Korff decides to take the Brie,
and contemplates in peace that still
he has the freedom of his will.
This was too much for our poor quantum
he died at (free) will, albeit wanton.

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